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Shy Girl with White Hair [ArtistoftheGeeks]
I saw this character from ArtistoftheGeek's inktober "shy" submission. I really liked her design so I drew her a while ago. I made some

changes: I made her eyes blue and gave her freckles. Then I decided to draw her in different outfits. I was trying to practice posing and

drawing clothes, trying to imagine what would convey her personality (or at least how I think her personality is). Don't ask me if she is

goth, emo, scene, or punk or something cause I don't know. Lets just say she is "alternative" to make things easy. 


More of ArtistoftheGeek's art: :iconartistofthegeeks:
Rick And Morty [Commission]
A commission I made for StrongPhototography, who asked for their oc to be hugged by Morty while he scornfully looks at Rick who is trying to explain himself.

Hope you like it.

StrongPhototography's account: :iconstrongphototography:

I don't normally do commissions so this is a bit out of the norm for me. I don't know if I will continue to do them considering time constraints. 
Its been a while since I uploaded something.

Lets change that.
I just saw Coco tonight. Pixar has mastered making audience members cry. 

Don't worry. They were happy tears.
I finished season 2 of "Stranger Things" a few weeks back. With that finished, I can't wait for more. So I put some thoughts down, and I came up with some things that I want for the season 3. 

Will Hangs out with Eleven
  Will spent much of season 1 in the Upside Down and never got to meet Eleven. Yeah, she met him in season 2, but he was unconscious and never directly interacted with him so that doesn't count. It be cool to see them talk or hang out, especially since they both have a connection to the Upside Down. Will is still very much new to all this otherworldly stuff, whereas Eleven has lived with experiments and sci-fi stuff all her life. It be cool to see them finally meet. Maybe bond over past trauma.

Some light-hearted moments with Will
    Hanging with the boys, bonding with mom, bonding with Jonathan. Anything like that will do. Look from what we have seen, Will has been through a lot. More than any kid really deserves to be put through. He needs to have a normal life, (just for a little bit, then we can get to the 80s sci-fi/horror/ coming-of-age chicanery). Otherwise, he's gonna be even more scarred than he already is and just snap. Some people may see this as filler, but you can rectify this by building character development/relationships in this moment. Also, you need to set the atmosphere of normalcy so that you can escalate up a sense of dread and impending doom. You need to have a normal moments to contrast the incoming cosmic horror. It'll be more impactful that way. 

Fun with Telekinesis   
    Eleven can life a van and even an entire train car with her mind. What if she could do a bunch of other stuff with her brain. I know it's been used as a dangerous weapon and has been used as a tool for the kids, but she basically has the Force and I bet there's a whole lot of fun things she could do with it. I'm thinking using her telekinesis to lift up everything and everyone in a room. And everyone  and a bunch of stuff floats around like the room has zero gravity in space. I just think it would be a cool scene. I'm thinking something like this (at 30 seconds in): 

Mike/Eleven warm up to Max
    Mike spent most of season 2 disliking Max because he was afraid the new girl was gonna "replace" Eleven (lets be real here, Eleven is irreplaceable). And Eleven spent the season jealous of Max because of a "not what it looks like" situation. It be cool to see them grow to be more accepting of Max. Maybe in their own moments alone with Max. Mike could bond with Max over video games and see how much she can be a valuable, trustworthy member of the party or something. "Zoomer" isn't a DnD class, but from what I've seen online she could be the party's "Rogue". Her personality fits the class (carefree rebel spirit, lock-picking skills, an association with speed). Eleven could talk with Max, have their mess cleared up, and eventually become friends. It be nice to have Eleven be friends with a girl her age. They could have an interesting friendship dynamic: Eleven's reserved nature contrasting with Max's more boisterous attitude. 

Mr. Clarke joins the Crew
    Considering how much this man has helped the main cast already (providing a HAM radio, explaining inter-dimensional travel, helping make a sensory deprivation tank, explaining the brain and how the human body works which later helps create an analogy for the mind flayer and exorcise Will) can he just join the group already? I imagine he would geek out over the sci-fi shenanigans happening and would be more than willing to help out. His scientific background and openness to sci-fi would make him more competent than most of the adults around in Hawkins. He's pretty much a confidant for the boys. After all, he party was so close to showing him the pollywog. I don't think Dustin has to worry about him stealing their "discoveries". I'd say he's trustworthy enough.

Dr Brenner: Alive or Dead?
     We saw him get attacked by a Demogorgon, but we have had zero confirmation whether or not he is dead. We never seen him in the show since then, aside from an illusion. executive producer Shawn Levy says he's alive, but he wave very little clues if he is alive in the show. His assistant in season 2 says he's alive, but all we have is his word. I want some clear cut confirmation that he's alive, how he survived the Demogorgon, and where he's been, and what he's been up to for a year. Also, I wanna know if he is Eleven's biological father (it wouldn't change much if he wasn't considering what he did to Terry and Eleven but it be extra screwed up if he was). Side note every time I see Matthew Modine in the show,I just think of Private joker from "Full Metal Jacket". Give him glasses, and boom he's Private Joker with white hair.

Funeral for Bob Newby
    He didn't deserve what happened to him. How dare you Duffer Brothers! You killed off Mikey from the Goonies, the inspiration for Mike Wheeler. The gall you have!! The worst villain of the show is that damn broom!! This death was more unnecessary than Barb's death. At least Barb's death pushes the plot in some way! What does Bob's death contribute to the overall plot? It's there to be an emotional punch.  I liked Bob. He made for a great girlfriend for Joyce and a good father figure for the Byers boys. Plus, when confronted with the sci-fi plot, he actually contributed and pushed the plot forward. He was surprisingly very accepting and handled it very well (maybe a little too accepting, if we're being realistic here) but it was refreshing to see. Anyway, it was cool to see Will make a hero drawing of him, but can we please just have a scene where they pay their respects? Just to make peace.

Kali comes to Hawkins
    It be interesting to have her come back and maybe try to recruit Eleven a second time. It would be interesting to see the other characters meet her. Maybe have them be confronted by her hallucination powers. Makes me wonder what Kali would show the other characters; good or bad. That hallucination powers allow for all kinds of limitless creative potential. It be interesting to see how the show can take advantage of that and make some imaginative imagery/scenes. 

Other Hawkins lab experiments and test subjects
    Given that all test subjects have numbers, it's implied there are at most 11 test subjects. We have Eleven and Eight. Where are the others and what are their powers? Given how the gifted test subjects we've seen have psychic/psionic powers, it be safe to say others have mental superpowers (invisibility, force fields, intangibility, mind reading/telepathy, psionic blasts, paralysis, etc.). I'm sure the show could provide some interesting subjects. But where are they? What are they up to? What's their character alignment? Also, the Hawkins lab has dabbled in inter-dimensional experimentation. It be interesting if they did other sci-fi experiments. Since MK Ultra is a part of the show, it be screwed up if they were able to figure out brainwashing/mind control. 

The Kids go to the Upside Down
   The tunnels in the trailer got me excited that the kids would go to the Upside Down. Unfortunately they were just tunnels under the Hawkins (at least we got DigDug references, one of my favorite childhood games). We've seen Joyce, Hopper, Will, Nancy, and Eleven go to the Upside Down. I want to see the kids (Mike, Dustin, Lucas, maybe Jonathan, Steve, and Max) go to the Upside Down. Admittedly, it be hard to see this happen. The Mind flayer is looming over the Upside Down. It be hard to go there with that thing angry. also the gate is closed. Maybe another demogorgon can make a doorway for them. 

More horrors from the Upside Down 
    As of now the only creatures in the Upside Down are the Demogorgons. I know the demodogs just look a lot like the demogorgon, but the show implies that they are the same species at different development stages. I just want some more diverse creatures from the Upside Down. Them and the Mind flayer can't be the only creatures. What does it say if a predator has to cross dimensions just to hunt for prey? Seriously, they got predators and parasites, but very little prey. Maybe explain those eggs and the creatures they're related to. There's no confirmation that they're demogorgon related. I want some clear cut answers. Maybe some more explanation behind what the Upside Down is and how it connects to our world. Was it another earth from another universe that fell victim to the Mind Flayer? How far does the Upside Down extend beyond Hawkins? Still a lot of questions.

    As for different creatures from the Upside Down, I think it be cool to have a shapeshifter from there. Lets do some John Carpenter's "The Thing" or Stephen King's "It" in here. The inclusion of such can make some tense and paranoia inducing moments. Also, obviously, we need some more Mind Flayer moments to make for some more traumatizing moments. He's angry about getting stopped by a bunch of kids from Indiana, so he's definitely gonna turn things up a notch.

These are just some things I want. What do you think? What do you want from Season 3? Let me know below.


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M. Lambino
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Hey this is my deviantart gallery. Took me a long time to finally make this but I finally did.

My name is M. Lambino, and I work in the Penciltip Workshop.

I'm a guy who just really likes cartoons too much for his own good. I just love drawing and creating stuff.

I do this as a hobby. I'm not a professional artist. As of now, I do not take requests, commissions, or art trades. However, this may change in the future.

Hope you like what I make. Be sure to comment, favorite, share what you see with your friends.

Thanks for visiting.



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